Somatic & Integrative Coaching

Through Synergy Space Co-Founder Jen Graham, Somatic Movement based private coaching and therapeutic practice is available for people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs.

This work optimizes physical function, expression/communication, and behavioral patterning through Mind-Body Integration – supporting individuals in discovering and empowering their whole selves through physical embodiment and practice.

Individualized training and programs can be created to address the following needs:

  • Functional Movement Repatterning for athletes, performance artists, and individuals experiencing chronic pain, physical dysfunction, or injury
  • Functional Movement Coaching for athletes, performance artists, and individuals seeking to refine and improve their skills and capacity for success
  • Physical Re-education/Re-integration following some sort of trauma
  • Self-Care, Stress Relief, and Stress Management for individuals seeking a more balanced lifestyle
  • Mind-Body Integration for individuals seeking a deeper connection to and understanding of themselves
  • Expressive Movement, Performance, and/or Creative Process Coaching for dancers, actors, and performance artists
  • Communication & Embodied Leadership Coaching for individuals seeking to strengthen their interpersonal relationship skills
  • Mind-Body Behavioral Repatterning for individuals seeking healthier habits and personal transformation

For more information visit or to find out what this work could do for you email