General Policies


Communication protocol | Communication directly with the studio by email or phone is preferred. 410-205-4926 or Text messaging with Directors or Collaborators is discouraged except in the event of emergency or extenuating circumstances.

Student Privacy | No student, family, their accounts, registration, participation, leveling, or other personal information will be discussed, under any circumstances, with anyone other than that student and/or their parents/guardians by Synergy Space Directors, Administration, Collaborators, Teachers, or Contracts without express written consent.

Security | Synergy requires all registered students to scan in at the front desk of The Gym upon entering, no exceptions. This means both Synergy and The Gym will have record of who enters the building.

Conduct and Language | Synergy takes gossip and negative talk very seriously and such behavior is not tolerated in our studios, lounges, or waiting areas. If there is a problem, please bring it to the attention of one of the Synergy Directors as soon as reasonably possible. Please do not discuss the abilities of any students other than oneself. Our directors and weekly class teachers will abide by this and we expect the same from our students.

Attendance Expectation | Students are expected to be present on time and for the full duration of every class.

Illness | Synergy expects students and parents to use best judgement regarding attendance in cases of illness. No one should attend if they have a fever, or flu/cold like symptoms.

Synergy will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 developments and reserves the right to adjust our policies should there be any change in the region’s health environment.

Engagement/Participation | Students are expected to be attentive, contributing, and actively engaged in all class experiences.

Decorum/Eating & Beverages in class | Students are expected to use proper dance classroom etiquette within the class. No food or drink allowed in the studio with the exception of water. No gum.

Phone and Technology use in class | Synergy has a zero tolerance policy for Apple watches (or similar smart watches), and students must remove them before entering class. Phones, tablets, and laptops may only be used during discussion classes to look up relevant information for the class topics, to take notes, utilize the calendar, or to record combinations at the end of class with the permission of the teacher. Phone calls (except in case of emergency), text messaging, and/or social media use is never appropriate during class time.


Active physical and mental engagement is the primary work of Synergy dance classes. As such, registered dancers are expected to attend every class, prepared and on time. Excessive absences for any reason will not be acceptable unless in extenuating circumstances. Please report absences to the office via email as soon as reasonably possible:

If a student is unable to participate in class due to illness, injury or any other reason, he/she is expected to attend and observe class. (Please use discretion as to degree of illness. We do understand that sometimes attendance during times of illness is out of the question.)

Performing students must attend all in-studio, stage and dress rehearsals for performances. (Students will be excused for emergency situations only.)

Two late arrivals for class or rehearsals counts as one absence. “Late Arrival” is qualified as after the teacher has commenced instruction; not to begin before scheduled start time of the class.

Dance students arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe due to risk of injury, per teacher discretion.


If a student is unable to participate in class due to illness, injury, or any other reason, but is capable of attending, he/she is expected to attend and observe. (Please use discretion as to degree of illness.) When observing, students are still expected to participate in class discussion. Additionally, any students sitting out will need to write and turn in their observations at the end of class. (Consider questions such as- what is the purpose of this exercise? How would you approach this exercise? What are you seeing in your fellow dancers? What advice could you provide? What do you struggle with? Any other ideas or insight.)


While Synergy uses Carroll County Public Schools as a guideline for studio closures due to inclement weather, Synergy will make the final call for studio closures and class cancellations. Synergy will send out an email and post on our social media accounts within a reasonable timeframe should the studio need to close due to weather.