College, Career, & Beyond

The mystery of the professional field in Dance and the pathways to getting there can be a foreign and intimidating thing for many people.

So much so that often young, passionate, and talented dance students shy away from pursuing it beyond high school. Parents, with a desire for security and stability for their children, may encourage looking at other options – ones that seem less ambiguous, more certain.

But the truth is, there are a multitude of career paths in the dance field, many interdisciplinary in nature, necessitating a variety of levels of training, degrees, and/or certifications, and that are just as secure and certain as in any other industry. It is a rapidly growing field of innovation and history and culture and community.

No longer are the days where dancers are “a dime a dozen”, where degrees aren’t needed, or where your career is over by 25.

If you are a pre-college dancer with a serious love for the art, or the parents of one, join us on Saturday, October 23rd at 5pm for a Seminar on College, Career, & Beyond in the field of Dance. Led by Jen Graham, MFA CMA RSME/T, with Emily Runkle and other professional guests.