Studio Choreography Showcase

Synergy Space is happy to announce our inaugural Student Choreography Showcase, January 7th, at Synergy Space. We’re excited to bring the opportunity for our young dancers to explore their abilities as choreographers, experience a creative process that includes mentorship by professionals/ advanced dancers, and showcase their work to family and friends.

Who can participate:
The Student Choreography Showcase is open to intermediate and advanced level Synergy students interested in creating a piece. Only Synergy students are eligible to choreograph. Participants in said pieces are not necessarily required to be Synergy students, but prospective student choreographers should include their intention to use any outside dancers in their application form. 

Prospective student choreographers must apply by submitting 1. an application form found here and 2. a video of 30 -60 seconds of choreography/phrasework that captures the feeling and style of their work in progress by November 1st. Choreography may be danced by the choreographer. Choreography samples need not be perfectly polished, as we expect the piece to evolve as it develops (meaning we just need to see the idea of what you’re creating!).

Once accepted, student choreographers will need to schedule a minimum of two 60 minute sessions with a Synergy-approved mentor to help them work on their piece. Mentors will provide guidance in order to help them think about the intention, style, tone, and execution of their ideas as they create their dance. The first session must be scheduled (by participant) with a mentor in the early stages of the choreographic process and then again once most of the choreography has been established. Choreographers will need to work out cost with their mentors and pay them directly.

Student choreographers are responsible for rehearsing their work. Choreographers may rehearse their pieces either by renting studio space at Synergy, or rehearsing elsewhere. (there’s nothing wrong with rehearsing with your friends in your basement-those types of rehearsals can be just as productive!) 

Choreographers will showcase their work to family and friends in an in-studio performance on January 7th…… Following each piece, Synergy will host a short talk-back session where audience members will have the opportunity to discuss the work that they saw and ask the choreographer questions. (Synergy will have some suggested questions to assist both audience members and choreographers!) Refreshments will be provided, and really, we’re just excited for our students to be able to have the chance to express themselves, and for their parents to get a little glimpse into the thought process/creative process behind their kids’ choreography! 

Application submission – November 15th
First mentor session – no later than Dec 15th
Second mentor session – no later than January 5th
Student Choreography in-studio run-through rehearsal – January 7th, 4-6pm at Synergy Space 
Student Choreography Showcase- January 7th, 7pm at Synergy Space

Emily Runkle
Jen Graham
Katy Love
Da’Shown Rawl
Soo Bozzi
Madison Bonvissuto 
Alyssa Miller
Melissa Lineburg
Ryan Bailey 

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